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LED market growth drives demand for hard material processing expertise

The worldwide high-brightness LED market continues to grow at a rapid pace.  Recent analysis from Strategies Unlimited show growth from $13.3billion in 2012 to over $14 billion in 2013.  It is forecasted to grow to nearly £26 billion in 2018.

This demand has led to a substantial increase in the enquiries we are receiving for support on application processing and system solutions for materials such as Sapphire and Silicon Carbide.  With many years expertise of working with these materials, the process team at Logitech have produced some significant results with Material Removal Rates, Flatness and Ra values.

This processing knowledge has been embedded in the design and capabilities of the new High Speed Lapping and Polishing System.  This system has a variable plate speed up to 300rpm, substantially reducing the processing time of these hard materials.  For example the material removal rate for lapping Sapphire (Moh hardness of 9) on this system is 18.2 microns per minute, compared to a standard lapping system of 6.84 microns per minute.  The high speed system is up to three times faster, whilst delivering the highest quality of surface finish and accuracy.  

Further processing information can be found within the Silicon Carbide, Sapphire and Gallium Nitride application note or in the Hard materials video.